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Julie was extremely caring, succinct, and thorough with easy actionable items to get our 4 month-old back on track. My husband and I were so tired we couldn't think straight and Julie's swift support got all our sleep back on track. Thank you so much for saving us!

Nicole Bray

Julie is a wonderful resource for any parent looking to get more sleep for themselves and their baby. What is great about her approach is she provides multiple options and methods to tackle whatever issue is going on so you can explore which path feels most aligned with your personality - this is so unique in the sleep coaching world so you're never doing anything uncomfortable! Her passion for this topic is very clear and makes working with her that much more enjoyable.

Aileen Axtmayer

I just have to say you helped me so much figuring out the timing for how long to wait between check ins for sleep training! I've rocked my 9 month old to sleep since the day she was born and she was waking up constantly. Now we set her down awake, she rolls over and sleeps for 12 hours. Thank you thank you thank you.

Carolyn Renshaw


While I would always be grateful for such advice, I am particularly grateful now when I need sleep and rest more then ever.  In the past when sleep regressions have happened I have always rushed to a place of anxiety and stress. With the tools Julie gave me I now feel calm and at ease knowing that these changes are NORMAL and healthy signs of a thriving child.   I am so excited to be able to recommend Julie to all of my friends who are expecting. Her guidance will continue to empower parents and help cultivate calm and happy households where sleep is valued and understood. THANK YOU for everything!


I cannot recommend the toddler sleep boot camp program enough! After months of complete chaos at bedtime after my daughter had to transition from her crib to a big girl bed, I had basically lost my sanity and all hope. My daughter was filled with anxiety at bedtime and getting her to sleep would take 2-3 hours every single night. Julie’s program completely changed that in one week! Her advice was clear, gentle, and immensely effective.  Bedtime is now a calm, happy time.  My daughter falls asleep within 30 minutes of turning out the lights and has been miraculously staying in her room all night. Julie gave me the tools, courage and support needed to get us back on track and we are so grateful! 

Juliet - Toddler Bootcamp

I highly recommend Julie as a sleep coach! My 15 month old daughter had many sleep issues. During our two weeks working together, Julie gave me suggestions on what to do, held my hand and was always quick to respond with advice and feedback. Julie thinks quickly on her feet and is flexible with her plan. My daughter now likes to be in her crib, goes to bed with ease, can put herself back to sleep when she wakes up in the night. We still have some work to do but I'm confident that from what I learned with my two weeks with Julie, I can continue to do what I need to do in order to accomplish those goals. I'm very grateful for what Julie has taught me, her generosity and that my daughter is sleeping significantly better!

Krista Ludvig

I wish we did this months ago the difference in our son is amazing he listens better and behaves way better with the proper sleep with the sleep training from sleep head coach.  Leah was awesome and extremely helpful!

Allan Sandt

Before Julie, Max was having a VERY hard time falling to sleep at naps and then he would only nap for 30 minutes! I was also nursing him to sleep at night, and he was waking an average of 2x per night to nurse and go back to sleep. Julie saved our sleep and our sanity!! Julie gave us a new routine to follow, helped us set goals for Max’s sleep, and laid out a sleep training plan that met our families needs and our parenting style. She was so understanding, kind, and helpful during the whole process. If we were having trouble, she would walk us through what to do in the moment. She truly wanted to help our family and Max learn to sleep! After 2 nights implementing Julie's plan and strategies, Max was sleeping through the night!! After 1 week, he was falling asleep better for naps, and after 2 weeks we have seen a consistent schedule with 2 solid naps and 12 hour stretches of sleep at night! I will recommend The Sleepyhead Coach, to anyone and everyone who needs help on their sleep journey!

Hanna Neal

When I met Leah, my son who is 2.5 years old had been in a toddler bed for almost 4 months. It would take 1-2 hours to get him to sleep, he was waking up throughout the night and he would wake up at 4:30-5am, this momma was tired! After the consult I felt immediate relief, someone actually understood what I was going through! Every time I talked to Leah I would follow her advice and do every adjustment she suggested. In about one week Owen was sleeping through the night, waking up 6:30am and napping! Not only was my little guy sleeping but he was happier, saying more words (he has a speech delay) and my picky eater was no longer picky he was trying new foods! We loved working with Leah. In a time where everything seems uncertain she brought normalcy back into our lives. My little family is finally sleeping again and we owe it all to Leah!


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