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When you join The Sleepyhead Tribe... 

You are getting so much more than just a sleep training method! Our advice is carefully crafted to your unique sleep struggle and our personal support is top-notch - we're that friend that will give you the advice you need, when you need it! When you purchase a package you are also welcomed into our Sleepyhead Tribe Facebook community, a private, judgment-free zone for parents to connect with one another and receive special client perks! 

We don't stop there...sleep isn't always a direct, one-way path so previous clients receive a 10% discount towards additional packages. 

The Process

Step 1.

Select your package based on the level of support needed and the age of your child. 

Need help deciding? Setup your free 15 minute discovery call!

Step 2.

You will receive a link to your intake questionnaire so we can learn more about your unique sleep situation and gather all of the information needed.

Step 3.

We create your comprehensive sleep plan and schedule your review call. 

Sleep and support is then right around the corner!

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