The seven-day Toddler Sleep Bootcamp program is a must-have for any parent who needs to regain their power over their toddler's sleep.⁠ Is your toddler fighting bedtime, waking up constantly throughout the night, waking up early or simply not staying in their bed? Then you need the Toddler Sleep Bootcamp to get your toddler the sleep they need to thrive.

  • The bootcamp kicks off with a one-hour call or Zoom, personalized to your sleep situation, child's age and goals. We cover our action plan and what tools we'll use for your situation.

  • You receive the Toddler Sleep Bootcamp Guide, which we use during our call and it includes training methods

  • Over the course of the following seven days, we will have a daily email exchange so we can guarantee that you stay on course and succeed!

Toddler Bootcamp


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