Our Patreon page is so much more than a page. It's a place where you can connect with fellow sleepyheads who value a well-rested home, dive into exclusive content created by Julie & Leah and have more access to your coaches for continued sleep success. 

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What Does your Membership Include?

Exclusive, in-depth videos that you can comment on and cover topics from ages 0-4

Mini-guides for popular topics and if you are a Plus or Pro your choice of a free extensive guide!

Become a Pro and get a monthly one-on-one 30 minute coaching call

Join a community of like-minded parents who are riding this sleep journey with you!

Julie & Leah offer Live Q&As to go a step deeper into your sleep questions

Our Patreon group is for anyone who has a child age 4 and under and needs help with their child's sleep. We're here to build an authentic, supportive community by sharing tips and advice to improve your little one's sleep. We will cover sleep training troubleshooting, feeding and sleep schedules and all of those transitions that are on the horizon! And choose your tier membership level based on the level of coaching accessibility you need. Let us help restore peace back into your home and let's give sleep a second chance!

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