Sleep & Feeding Survival Guide for Ages 0-4

The Sleepyhead Coach's Sleep & Feeding Survival Guide is your comprehensive one-stop-shop for your evolving child! You'll learn how much to feed your child and when, how to handle nap transitions and when to adjust your schedule based on your child's new needs and age. 

This guide has you covered from birth until 4 years of age!


The Toddler Bootcamp Guide

Have a toddler who is fighting bedtime, naps and constantly needing your attention overnight? Then the Toddler Bootcamp Guide is for you! In this 26-page guide you'll learn how to regain power over your toddler's sleep by understanding what they are going through developmentally, how to prepare them for change and my recommended sleep training methods for this age!  


The Early Morning Wakeup Guide

This guide will teach you how to break the cycle of early morning wake-ups!  You'll learn why this is happening and you'll be given the tools to help you make adjustments that will get your child waking up past 6am again.

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